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Jimmy’s Five Star Painting is available to help you at every stage of your construction project. If you are constructing from the ground up, we will give you the best construction services in Quincy MA will find you the perfect community and work with you to design your new home, addition, or remodel. We offer full-service construction, which means building the foundation and accomplishing all framing, electrical, and plumbing work. Experienced artisans at Jimmy’s Five Star Painting can complete your new home build with custom flourishes using modern techniques and equipment. We are also here to assist in designing, planning, and permitting aspects of your project in the area of Quincy, MA.

Our Construction Process

To ensure the finest available, we use only quality products and materials for our building as all lumber is handpicked. Jimmy’s Five Star Painting can build any structure on time and within budget. We work with the customers as an open book method.

Are you a contractor and looking for reliable and trustworthy installers for your most discriminating clients? Choose Jimmy’s Five Star Painting, as we pride ourselves on our quality of craft and superior construction services. Contact us today and find out how we will work with you to give your clients high-quality functional and decorative exteriors and interiors architectural elements.

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We have achieved a formula of lasting success that includes a commitment to honesty, a promise of dependability, and dedication to quality. As a leading and award-winning contractor services in Quincy MA, we offer free estimates and can handle all types of construction projects. If you have a new construction or custom finish carpentry project wherever you need our services, please contact us today to get a free estimate.