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Home Improvements

Homeowners tend to make home improvements for different purposes.


There’s a time for everything; even the most architecturally well-made properties need maintenance

Home Repairs

We are specialists in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, roof repairs, fixing wood rot, painting repairs

Home Renovations

Get cost-effective home renovation for kitchen, bathroom, garage, front, side layout

Interior Painting

When you notice that your home interior is slowly looking old, leaving your home behind should never be one of your options.


Jimmy’s Five Star Painting will repair or install plenty of woodwork and leave your property more functional and more alluring.

Handyman Work

we want you to feel confident that your home is in the exemplary handyman service.

Enterior Painting

Painting exterior walls are pretty much dangerous. That’s why it really needs professional attention.


Jimmy’s Five Star Painting is available to help you at every stage of your construction project.

Plastering Water Damage

From plaster walls to plastering water damage, we bring the state of Quincy the entire range of installation services available


Jimmy’s Five Star Painting strives to be one of the leading drywall contractors serving builders in Quincy, MA, and the surrounding areas.


If you look at a building, one of the very first things you see is its siding, and when you need a siding replacement or a repair

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